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"We are very happy with the new brand. It is vibrant, exciting and signifies the change we aimed to create. People are surprised how much the new design influences them and makes them happy. Wolff Olins did a great job for us"

Anne Gro Gulla, VP & Head of Brands, Telia Company

Telco - new wave

Telia Company are a Swedish telco operating across Scandinavia and the Baltics. They are on a journey to become a new generation telco. A telco focused on customers and providing the content, products and services that they care about. With this bold ambition, the brand needed to become radically better and:

? reflect the new purpose to ‘bring the world closer on customer’s terms’

? work better for digital and mobile touchpoints in the customer experience

? allow the existing identity to be phased out ‘old works with new’

? be fun, disruptive and colourful

A focused partnership

We worked closely with Telia’s senior leaders to evolve the brand. We approached the visual identity in a way that would help to transform the business from the inside out. Not a refresh but an opportunity to rethink brand touch points from a customer’s perspective.

To ensure the brand would work across Telia’s diverse markets, we worked with teams at HQ and across key countries. In January 2016 we piloted the new global brand in Estonia, in partnership with the local team rebranding from EMT and Elion to Telia. This launch improved perception of the company considerably, putting Telia alongside YouTube and Facebook as one of the top 10 most loved brands in Estonia within weeks of launch.

Everything for the customer

From the start we wanted to tackle the problem by focusing on the whole experience for customers, rather than on specific comms touchpoints. From the initial concept pitch to final delivery, we worked as a cross-discipline team of UX, front-end developers, 3D and 2D animators, strategists and designers. We tackled multiple touch points along the user journey and often worked directly in code to quickly test that our concepts would work.

Pebbles with pop – a new visual identity

The pebble is the defining icon of Telia, appearing in stores, apps, websites and communication materials. The pebble is the hero of the creative expression – with dynamic new behaviours, and a ripple of colours that represents the rich and varied world of Telia’s customers. Every customer is unique, every pebble is different.

We simplified the logo so it works on screen, alongside brighter colours that really pop and a friendly new typeface we crafted using the pebble itself. The brand personality is expressed as ‘un-restrict yourself’ and it is essential to focus on the content, products and services that customers actually love.


Built for interaction

This brand was designed to work in a customer’s hand. On their watch, mobile, tablet and TV. We developed a set of User Experience principles and helped develop a comprehensive style guide and responsive code library.

3D pebble

The pebble, built in 3D, lives in the physical world as well as online. We’ve designed it to be easily replicated in a range of design software and coded environments.

Animated behaviours

The pebble is designed to move. There is an extensive library of 2D and 3D animation behaviours to make the brand really come to life in digital environments.

A flexible system for the future

The system is designed to be flexible. It encourages creative interpretation, rather than forcing teams and agencies to use every part of the identity. By allowing aspects to be dialed up or down, it can be adapted to different applications and countries. Teams across Telia Company are busy using the new brand to get closer to what matters to their customers.

It’s a positive and colourful expression for a new generation telco.

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Telia 电信品牌形象设计