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Edition by South, New Zealand

Opinion by Richard Baird

 Visual identity and marketing materials by South for Edition, a luxury apartment development in Auckland, New Zealand

Edition is a new property development by LEP Construction. It will be located in Parnell, a suburb of Auckland, New Zealand, and made up of 18 luxury apartments designed by architects Monk Mackenzie with a eye for flexible space and changing natural light. Edition will make the most of a sloping site, feature three levels cantilevered above ground and create what are described as “view shafts” from street right through to the harbour beyond. This modern structure, and sensitivity to its context, is complimented by a luxury interior design, created by Bureauxe, of both contrast and continuity, in materials, surface textures, colour and form.

Graphic design studio South were commissioned to create a visual identity for Edition that would assist the real estate team in presenting the project to potential buyers, and help, in conjunction with the building’s distinctive structural and interior design plans, elevations and renderings, to distinguish Edition within a crowded luxury apartment market.

With the intention of capturing the essence of the building, and informed by the spacial, visual and material language of Monk Mackenzie, South created a brand identity of light and reflection, moments of contrast and correlation, and a recurring rectangular motif. This links a variety of marketing materials that included brochure and brochure sleeve, sales book and box, invitation, floorpans, buyer gift and business cards.

Luxury apartment development Edition

Edition is said to be inspired by modernist forms. And features a distinctive rectangular Italian glass brick fa?ade. It plays with light through reflection, and in the choice of material the intersection and interaction of structure and its surroundings. This is effectively distilled down and conveyed by South’s visual identity design through, rather than a conventional marque, a rectangular clear glossy motif, implemented across a variety of uncoated papers and boards from Arjowiggins. The interplay, afforded by the use of a clear high-build UV varnish, and difference between uncoated substrate and smooth finish, finds a pleasant balance of a compelling stylistic distinction and communicative intention, a way to express something of the building’s character and design, ahead of its build.

Brand identity, brochures and print by Studio South for Edition, a luxury apartment development in Auckland, New Zealand

A secondary motif, with the same proportions as those of the glossy rectangle, establishing a clear continuity, explore light and shade through the transitional qualities of blue gradients. Where the varnish was largely a physical detail, this second component adds a strong graphic component that explores related ideas.

Edition was designed to optimise sunlight, across the day and throughout the changing seasons. There is a variety to these panels that although abstract, introduce a more visceral impression of experience, rooted in light moving through modern architectural space. This is given an unusual twist in the use of a blue, a colour unique to the market place, and thoroughly current. The changing nature of compositions, and their use as panels across print materials and as posters, introduce a welcome variation and artistic expression throughout marketing materials. The proportions of the rectangle holds these different ideas together, and its relationship to glass bricks further emphasised by the buyers gift.

Alongside the more common mix of brochures, floorpans and business cards there are the sales book box and buyers gift. The former containing an iPad (and presumably a digital presentation) and the latter, a gift certificate and a symbolic blue brick. As you would expect from a luxury development, these convey modern luxury through a materiality that blends a familiar tactile value in weight (and hopefully solid construction), clean intersections between box and foam inserts, the quality of dyed uncoated papers and clearly defined finishes that include a double hit of digital white and a high-build spot UV.

版本是LEP建筑的一个新的物业开发。它将位于新西兰奥克兰郊区的帕内尔,由建筑师Monk Mackenzie设计的18栋豪华公寓组成,其灵活的空间和自然光线的变化。版将最大限度地利用一个倾斜的地点,将三层悬挂在地面上,并创造出从街道到海港的描述“视线”。这种现代结构和对其环境的敏感性受到政策局创造的豪华室内设计,包括对比度和连续性,材料,表面纹理,颜色和形式。


为了捕捉建筑的本质,并且通过Monk Mackenzie的空间,视觉和物质语言,南方创造了光和反射的品牌标识,对比度和相关性的时刻,以及重复的矩形图案。这连接到各种营销材料,包括小册子和小册子,销售书和盒子,邀请,地板,买家礼物和名片。








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Edition 品牌视觉形象设计