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Mr.&Mrs.Greek is a brand all about original products handpicked from the Greek countryside, such as jams, Herbs, Sauces and more.The brief for the redesign of the labels was to focus on visibility on the supermarket shelves, to somehow differentiate the products in the same category, and to express somehow that “home made” feeling to appeal more to the local customers as well as to the foreign markets.The yellow label both symbolises the warm greek hospitality and at the same time makes the product very visible and distinguished from the competitors. Some hand made sketches were added, for each ingredient, and extra elements and details with a “doodle” feeling, to emphasise the home-made feeling, as if they were quickly drawn on the labels by the cook himself.

Lipcheek by Liptales

Lipcheek is a lip balm that  takes pride in using high quality ingredients coupled with  innovation in using only fruit and vegetable derived pigments. All of Liptale’s range of products is based on the philosophy 'Beauty without guilt'  Their all-natural products are nourishing and fun, and are packed with natural antioxidant and nourishing ingredients such as natural beeswax and amazingly rich cocoa butter.For the package design, the brief required a “premium”, original look, but with a hint of fun and carefree. After many experimentations on different packages and materials, this tiny metal tin was chosen for its hard, protective material, but also for its funny look, being so small and easy to use. After having the logo silksceen-printed on it, an extra label was designed, giving the package an even nicer look with hints of red (from the main ingredient, beet, strawberry and tomato) printed on white, rough watercolor paper, for a more natural effect.


Nostimus is a Barcelona based online greek shop, where to discover and buy gourmet, cosmetics and gifts made in Greece, as if you lived in Greece. Nostimus’ mission is to offer a top class shopping experience for the artisan, gourmet, health and wellness consumer, with products of Greece in their best light.The logo redesign takes inspiration from the mythical trident of the god Poseidon, and from the characteristic wrought-iron work used to decorate balconies and fences all around Greece. With the same style the two characters are designed, the gods Dionysos and Apollon, to symbolise the two main categories of products on the e-shop, gourmet foods and cosmetics. The two character illustrations were used as development of the visual identity, silkscreen - printed on gift boxes and various merchandise.

The Zero Won - Sour

The Zero Won are a new pop project from Athens( Greece).The band was created by Jason Ziogas, Vasilis Kampouris, Polina Leshnevskaia and Theodoros Georgakopoulos during winter of 2017. They tend to call their music as Cosmic Disco and currently they are recording their new album and rehearsing for their upcoming concerts. For their latest single, Sour, we were asked to design an artwork that would reflect the vibe of the song, which is about a girl celebrating her freedom from a bad relationship. We tried to represent this concept with elements from a club/smoky bar (where we imagined the scene is happening), where the protagonist is surrounded by people, alcohol and neon lights, and icons representing her feelings.


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