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Hüngry Beast is a cafe and juice bar located in Mexico City’s Roma Norte neighbourhood, a place of recent cultural and gastronomic development. It is a modern and casual experience with a focus on simple, high quality cold-pressed and gluten free products creatively prepared from healthy organic ingredients which is expressed by the cafe’s interior design and graphic identity, designed by Savvy. This brings together a urban interior of rectilinear wood panelling, glass blocks and concrete grey walls with splashes of colour and organic shape, inspired by the work of John Baldessari, an artist who was born 15 minutes from the Mexican border. These are used across, and are cut into, the white surfaces of bottle labels, and intersect food photography online alongside a variety of inspirational quotes from scientists, artists, sportspeople and inventors.

HüngryBeast是一家位于墨西哥城罗姆诺特(Roma Norte)社区的咖啡馆和果汁吧,这里是近期文化和美食发展的地方。根据现代和休闲的经验,品牌设计重点是简单,从健康的有机成分中创造出高品质的冷压和无麸质产品,由Savvy设计的咖啡馆的室内设计和图形标识。这是受到墨西哥边境出生15分钟的艺术家约翰·巴尔代萨里John Baldessari)的作品所启发,将直线木镶板,玻璃砖和混凝土灰墙的城市内部与色彩和有机形状相结合。它们被用在瓶子标签的白色表面上,交叉食物摄影在线和各种鼓舞人心的科学家、艺术家、运动员和发明家。

The work of John Baldessari provides an interesting reference point, and used to create a number of different assets. Initially, this emerges in the use of shape and colour, similar in quality to the artist’s collaboration with Gemini workshop. As noted by Baldessari in his work Tips for Artists Who Want to Sell, 1966-1968, light colours sell well, as do abstracts.

Colour and form comfortably sit well within, and serve to link, the context of fruit juice, creativity and the cultural development of the area, and are implemented as solid colour, as graphic and material detail within interior design, through the relationship between juice, bottle and die cut labels, and appear in the shape of spilled juice for promotional shots.

约翰·巴尔代萨里(John Baldessari)的工作提供了一个有趣的参考点,用来创建许多不同的资产。最初,这种形式和颜色的出现,与艺术家与双子座研讨会的合作质量相似。正如Baldessari在1966 - 1968年的作品“想要出售的艺术家的提示”中所指出的那样,浅色销售和摘要一样都很畅销。


The second reference touches on Baldessari’s Connecting Dots, a series of black and white photographs with faces covered by brightly coloured dots (originally price stickers). Savvy take this, and instead, applies brush strokes to black and white portraits of big personalities. These are used online across social media, and paired with quotes that call to mind John Baldessari’s text on canvas. This mix of typographic, graphic and photographic expression, while taking a lot of inspiration from the works of John Baldessari, appears distinctive and communicatively varied.

第二个参考文献涉及Baldessari的连接点,一系列黑色和白色的照片,其中包含鲜艳的点(最初是价格标签)。精明的采取这一点,而是应用画笔笔触的大人物的黑白肖像。这些在社交媒体上通过在线使用,并且引用John Baldessari在画布上的文字。印刷,图形和照片表达的这种混合,虽然从约翰·巴尔代萨里的作品中获得了很多灵感,显出独特而且交际多样性。

While the references to John Baldessari might allude many, the connection made to creativity, in the use of colour, form and white canvas is clear, as is the desire to covey a bold personality online by making a connection to the character of successful international figures.


Graphic identity layers a modern and urban interior design with the unexpected character through disparity. The linear is met by the irregular, the urban and the natural intersected by the bright and cheerful. Social media pairs spontaneous food photography with brush stroked portraits and quotes.


The white canvas of labels, the monospaced type and loose monolinear lines of mark and logotype find a balance between contemporary gallery space and its associated visual vernacular (as an expression of creativity) and an articulation of simplicity, purity of ingredients and natural products. The double dots tie in nicely with dots of John Baldessari best known pieces, and works as a very subtle face over the U or an invisible beast between the H and B.

There is a smart sensitivity to context. Packaging remains simple and concise in the way it presents creativity, juice and simplicity, while social media plays with character through words and image association. More work by Savvy on BP&O.

Design: Savvy. Opinion: Richard Baird. Fonts. TBC.

标签的白色画布,等宽的类型和宽松的单线标志和标识线在当代画廊空间及其相关的视觉白话(作为创造力的表达)之间寻求平衡,并且简洁,成分和天然产品的纯度之间的平衡。双点与John Baldessari最为着名的作品点缀在一起,作为一个非常微妙的U面或H和B之间的隐形兽。

对上下文有敏感的敏感度。包装在呈现创意,果汁和简约的方式上保持简洁和简洁,而社交媒体则通过文字和图像联想来扮演角色。 了解更多 Savvy on BP&O


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Hngry Beast品牌形象设计