Working as a creative consultancy team alongside Ian Styles, and together with the Creative Director and in-house creative team at Moonpig, we have completely overhauled the brand.

The majority of the work was carried out with the team directly embedded within Moonpig’s creative department, which gave us vital insight into their culture, customers and vision for the company.

Building on their new positioning our core creative concept imagines a new world for Moonpig – where they live on the moon, where the usual Earth-bound rules don’t apply and life for them and their customers is fun and lighthearted. The antidote to boring

Dynamic logotype and zero-gravity typography

The logotype has been designed to change and adapt to different situations - in small spaces it contracts to reference a pig's snout, in horizontal formats it can playfully extend out and interact with the new TV jingle.

Working closely with the British type foundry F37 we developed a bespoke type family for Moonpig that's a key part of their new brand. Using F37's Ginger typeface as the foundation, a new demi weight with custom Opentype features was created - called Moonpig Lift-Off.

This weight features 3 styles of alternates with random programming, giving it a playful yet structured execution. It consists of 4 subclasses: a regular class for the normal design of the characters, one class for the ‘lift’ characters, another class for the ‘wobbly’ characters and one for the more complex group of characters — those that ‘shake’. A method called ‘Quantum’ was used for the programming. This allowed for a higher degree of randomness, which is defined by the amount of characters affected within a certain group of characters and level of substitution.

Expressing the brand personality

Building on our core creative concept, a new photographic direction was developed and a series of shoots commissioned. Working with photographers Aleksandra Kingo and Mitch Payne a suite of imagery was created that playfully and memorably showcases the range of products in the weightless world of Moonpig.

Working with the in-house writing team we have established a new tone of voice that brings a glimpse of life on the moon to their customers at every opportunity. Carefully sitting between being too safe and too gimmicky, we offer the antidote to boring by challenging the norm, using cheeky humour with heart. From their advertising to their vehicles, every time they talk, they reinforce the brand.

Landing the new brand internally

Having a new positioning, unique set of values, and sparkling visual identity are only half of, and in many ways, the less important part of a brand project. To ensure that the time, effort and money have been a good investment, it is crucial to land the brand internally.

Rallying people behind the business vision and creating excitement that they now have a brand capable of taking them there will help to ensure success. As part of an engagement programme we shared work with the company as we went, deepening the understanding of what we were doing, heading towards relaunch day, where employees would start to see visible change taking place.


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